Become a Mentor

Give career guidance to your future self


Leave a legacy

Help someone from your community,
your alumni network, or
someone who wants to become like you.

Gain Respect

Get recognized as a mentor.
Get respect from grateful mentees.
Mentoring is the best form of networking.

Identify Talent

Are you in a position to hire people? Develop a pipeline of talented folks who look upto you. Your mentees are the best future hiring pool.

Featured mentors

  • Kristine Riisberg

    Kristine Riisberg
    Management Consultant

  • Andy Moss

    Andy Moss
    Technology Veteran

  • Nagendra Ramaswami

    Nagendra Ramaswami
    EdTech Founder

  • Shalini Lal

    Shalini Lal
    Organizational Change Expert

  • JS Hint

    Kevin Shippy
    Non-profit executive

  • JS Hint

    Walt Ludwick
    Permaculturist and Farmer

Featured Mentoring Affinities

  • Columbia Business School

    Columbia Business School

  • Founders at Fail

    Founders at Fail

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Social Entrepreneurship

  • DC Tech

    DC Tech

  • Indian Startups

    Indian Startups

  • Lecole De Design

    L’École de design Nantes Atlantique

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